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For 2016 We're working through the process of getting the Teir 1 Recreational Producer License
and it's moving along great so far. We've already been approved by Lane Country Land Management
and assigned to a license agent.

To see more of what we're doing on a daily baisis you can visit out Facebook page.



Are you interested in saving 40% or more on bulk Cannabis purchases?


We're offering a "Forwards Contract" on our 2016 crop.

By purchasing early, you can lock in a super low price AND guarantee your supply of product.

At the same time, an early investment provides
the capital needed to operate a large garden and the very large crew of trimmers required to finish up the product.


Pre-Purchasing is a win - win proposition for Farms and Dispensaries.



connecting commercial wholesale Cannabis farm with retail dispensary and distributors of bulk Cannabis


Read our info sheet for prices and more information about how this process works.




Here's a little snapshot from our 2015 garden.

For the big HD version, click "YouTube > Settings > Quality > 1080p"                       Get the song on  iTunes





Phone:  458-205-1252


Thinking about Investing in the Cannabis industry???

View our Forwards Info Sheet, and our Forwards Contract here.


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