Cannabis and Cancer




1) Remove stressful or physically poisonous things from your life. This could mean bad relationships, chemicals that you come in contact with, or things like a stressful job or an excessive workload.

2) Change your diet to include no red meat and only a small amount of animal protein like fish and chicken. Include large amounts of uncooked fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially seek out anti-oxidant rich foods.

3) Take a nightly dose of Cannabis orally for internal Cancers, or place it directly on the affected area for external cancers.

4) Exercise regularly.

5) Believe 100% that nature can provide everything you need to cure yourself.



Cannabis works against Cancer in at least these six ways:

  1. It causes Aptosis, which means it makes the Cancer cells die off much faster than they would otherwise. See how this works here.
  2. It blocks the Cancer cells from reproducing themselves.
  3. It blocks the Cancer's ability to re-direct the growth of blood vessels to feed the Cancer as it grows.
  4. The sedative effects of the oil help to induce a deep, restful sleep that is so important to general health and the immune system.
  5. It lowers stress and anxiety the patient may feel about having Cancer. The euphoric effects of Cannabis can also be very effective at elevating the mood of people suffering from depression.
  6. It increases appetite which is often lowered by the Cancer or from the stress of having Cancer.




 Cannabis whole plant Extracts: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts?

Amazing reasearch into the ways the various parts of the Cannabis plant combine to treat many ailments and diseases
while also mitigating any possible side effects.

Read the Article (30 page scientific Research paper)




Cancer & Cannabis Scientific Studies

National Cancer Institute
Jan., 2013 report on Cannabis


National Institute of Health
Nov., 2012 report on cannabis breast cancer treatment


David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Report on study showing smoked marijuana does not cause cancer


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