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We have two types of strains... "no high" and "matching number"

1)  The first type induces ZERO psychoactive effects. We call these "no high" strains. Many patients claim that it works for pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all without intoxication. Because it has a very low THC value, it could be great for people with anxiety, nerve tremors and paranoia, and epilepsy - especially in children where it often shows immediate results. Our strain is far better than the famous "Charlotte's Web" strain which commonly has 3-7%THC. They could be used when you need to be working, driving, and just generally being able to function in the world while still receiving some great medical benefits.

2)  The second type of strains are our matching number strains. These have THC:CBD numbers that are closer to 2:1. Scientific studies and many anecdotal reports are finding that these medium number strains work best with Cancer, shrinking tumors, inflamation, and pain... These strains WILL make you high. But most studies I've found relating to Cancer say that the best results come from strains that have a moderate amount of THC and a higher level of CBD. Somehow the two compounds work synergistically to create a better medicinal result than what either of them can do alone. These strains are what we use to make our RSO oils which are specifically designed for Cancer patients.



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