CFIDS is an acronym for "Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome". This disease is more commonly referred to as "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS). It is also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), though there is some discussion about whether or not these should be considered different diseases. 
CFIDS/ME " is a progressive, disabling condition. It effects the central nervous system, brain, blood, muscles, joints, GI tract, endocrine systems, and immune systems.  Symptoms include profound fatigue which is not significantly helped by rest, muscle weakness and pain, joint and bone pain, sleep disturbances and un-refreshing sleep, cognitive problems, gastro-intestinal problems, headache, fevers and swollen lymph nodes. Patients also have difficulty fighting infections and react to immunizations sub-optimally. 

More is known about "What" happens with CFIDS/ME than "Why" it happens. The cause is still unknown. However with advancing research some of the mechanisms of action are now know concerning how CFIDS causes specific symptoms. 
There is no treatment for the underlying cause of CFIDS/ME. There are few universally effective treatments for the primary symptoms of CFIDS/ME, other than pain medication, a healthy diet, and avoiding toxic and allergy causing agents. It is also suggested that patients avoid pushing through exhaustion, as that worsens the condition. 

We at Natures Meds became aware of this disease, as well as the benefit that Whole Cannabis Medicine can have for CFIDS/ME, from one of our new clients. She tried our CBD concentrated oil as an experiment. It improved her symptoms profoundly enough to look into the science of what might be happening in her body. Unfortunately there has been no specific research on Cannabis medicine and this disease. However our client has compiled existing research that can explain the positive effects that Cannabis has on CFIDS/ME patient physiology. 

Using 45-60 mg CBD a day, our client is experiencing reduced shaking and tremors. She finds light, sound and other sensory input to be less painful. Her rate of speech, recall of words and memory has improved. She is also able to enjoy listening to music and playing instruments-activities that had become too grating to be enjoyable. 
CBD has been shown to be a powerful neuroprotectant, neuroregulator, and acts on cell mitochondria. CBD helps with regulating the Central Nervous System due to other diseases. It makes sense that it would help with CFIDS/ME as well.  
(read more at  http://www.jneurosci.org/content/29/7/2053.full ) 

Neurological Symptoms -  Most CFIDS/ME patients experience cognitive disability, synesthesia , memory problems, and spasticity. A recent study showed that patients with CFIDS/ME have significant inflammation in the brain , as well as other structural anomalies.  ( read more at http://consumer.healthday.com/cognitive-health-information-26/brain-health-news-80/brain-scans-spot-clues-to-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-687064.html

Musculoskeletal Symptoms -  Our client's muscle endurance and post exertion recovery time is improved. When People with CFIDS/ME try to push past their physical limits it causes increased weakness, fatigue, and spasms...sometimes even injuring muscles. The information in the above article, specifically the regulation of cell mitochondria, might account for better  energy regulation in the muscles. Mitochondria are each and every cell's "power station". There is significant data showing that CFIDS/ME patients have varying degrees of mitochondrial dysfunction.  (read more at http://www.ijcem.com/files/IJCEM1204005.pdf   This publication is very dense scientific reading. Skipping  to the "conclusions" section may be the easiest way to understand the information.)

Pain Symptoms -  Pain is one of the major symptoms of CFIDS/ME. Our client finds concentrated CBD oil to help with body aches, muscle aches, swollen joint pain, bone pain, and menstrual pain.  She has been able to cut her opiate use in half. Patients taking opiate pain medication are often able to significantly reduce their dose of opiates with the addition of Cannabis medicine. She uses 15 mg of CBD every 4-6 hours, averaging between 45 and 60 mg of CBD a day. Further pain relief would likely be felt with cannabis medicine that included THC. However that is not possible in this case. 
(Read more at https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2011/12/11077/ucsf-study-finds-medical-marijuana-could-help-patients-reduce-pain-opiates

Gastrointestinal Symptoms -  Nausea, cramping, and diarrhea are symptoms common to CFIDS/ME patients. Our client reports a significant reduction of all Nausea and cramping, along with a mild reduction of diarrhea. There are multiple studies showing that cannabis reduces nausea, relaxes intestinal cramping, and stimulates wound healing in the gut. Cannabis medicine has been used for decades to successfully treat nausea and wasting caused by chemotherapy treatments, AIDS, Crohn's Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis. 
(Read more at http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn7766-cannabis-may-soothe-inflamed-bowels.html#.VUL4hyFViko 
Also at  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24184696)

Immune system - Our client is not sure if CBD oil is helping her contract fewer opportunistic infection and illnesses. She definitely feels helped with the aches, pains, and muscle weakness worsened by said infections. However, she will need to be using CBD oil for a number of months before she wishes to comment on this category. 

Anxiety - Patients with CFIDS/ME usually experience anxiety severe enough to require treatment. It is unclear if the neurological effects of the disease causes anxiety. It is clear that living with this disease commonly produces anxiety. Our patient feels a significant reduction of anxiety from using concentrated CBD oil. There is currently research examining the usefulness of Cannabis medicine in treating anxiety from multiple causes, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). 
(Read more at http://www.worldhealth.net/news/cannabidiol-confers-anti-anxiety-effects/

Side Effects - Sensitivity to medication almost always accompanies CFIDS/ME. Patients with this disease often have to take smaller doses of medication and experience more severe side effects than other people. Our client was surprised when the only side effect she felt from concentrated CBD oil was sleepyness. She adjusted to the CBD after 2 weeks and does not experience sleepyness unless she uses a higher dose than usual. Cannabis is a good choice of medicine for CFIDS/ME patients as well as any patients with chemical sensitivity and toxicity issues. There does not seem to be specific research showing a lack of toxicity of cannabis in humans. (There is some research showing a lack of toxicity in bunny rabbits http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1271484) However there is also no specific research showing that cannabis causes harm in humans due to toxicity. In contrast over the counter pain relievers cause organ damage or death when over used.  (Read more at http://www.thecompounder.com/answers-a-ideas/things-to-avoid/otc-pain-relievers)

To find out more information about CFIDS/ME, please visit "The National CFIDS Foundation" at  http://www.ncf-net.org/faq-home.htm#7 . If you have been diagnosed with CFS, CFIDS, or ME and have used medical cannabis, we would like to hear from you! We would like to have a wider understanding of how cannabis can help with this disease. If you would like to try our products we will be happy to tailor an oil or tincture that works best for your symptoms. High doses of THC can be hard for some people to tolerate. By working out a comfortable CBD to THC ratio you will be able to achieve a dose of medicine or a quality of medicine distinctively suited to you.

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