Minimizing Smoking Risks.....

Cannabis consumers who desire the rapid onset of action associated with inhalation but who are concerned about the potential harms of noxious smoke can dramatically cut down on their intake of compounds in the smoke by using a vaporizer instead of smoking.


- Vaporizing -

Vaporizing limits respiratory toxins by heating the cannabis only to a temperature where the THC vaporizes, but below the point of combustion where noxious smoke is produced.

Vaporization will deliver quick doses of cannabinoids while reducing the users intake of smoke.
Ingesting cannabis is equally safe, but the effects take 30-45 minutes before you can begin to feel anything.
So for those who need quick action, vaporizing is the way to go.


Portable Vaporizers that are small and easy to carry...

These two are very similar and very highly rated by Natures Meds users.





Tabletop Vaporizers for home use...

Tabletop vaporizers are much more controllable - you can dial in the temperature to get different compounds in the cannabis to vaporize. Each temperature will give you a slightly different effect in the high you feel.

My top 3 reccomended Models

My favorite Tabletop Vaporizer
This one is less expensive
The least expensive Tabletop version

marijuana cannabis vaporizer

How to use a Vaporizer

Once you place your plant matter inside the vaporizer, you'll realize the big question... How Hot should I make it?

Most vaporizers have adjustable temperature settings, but they don't tell why you should use any particular temperature.

So here's the scoop! Cannabis plants have around 80 different compounds called Cannabinoids and a couple hundred more called Terpenes. The Cannabinoids create the "high" and the other medicinal effects, while the Terpenes give it the smell and taste that is unique to each strain. To be perfectly honest, it is only "generally" known how these different compounds act together inside the human body.

These are the

Cannabinoid Flashpoints:

  1. tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) Flash Point: 137.6 °C (279.68 °F)
  2. delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8-THC) Flash Point: 144.5 °C (292.10 °F)
  3. delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Flash Point: 149.3 °C (314 °F)
  4. cannabichromene (CBC) Flash Point: 174.2 °C (345.56 °F)
  5. cannabidiol (CBD) Flash Point: 206.3 °C (403.34 °F)
  6. cannabigerol (CBG) Flash Point: 207.2 °C (404.96 °F)
cannabinol (CBN) Flash Point: 212.7 °C (414.86 °F)

Senior citizens who may be curious about Medical Marijuana should definitely
watch this video.


Did you know you can juice raw cannabis plants? The juice doesn't produce
much of the "high" effect but it has even more of the medicinal effects.








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