CBD & THC Blend

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Due to changes in the federal legality of CBD products and our current application for a recreational Cannabis Producer's license, we are not selling this product or any other product until further notice.


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Our most effective medicinal Product

Read about how CBD works in the body


high CBD Tincture




CBD Blend

Each milliliter contains...
1.8% THC    6.1%CBD
18mg THC        61mg CBD

For most medical conditions, taking a blend of THC and CBD will provide far better results than taking the pure versions of either one by itself. Read more about how CBD needs THC to work.  The quick summary of this study is that it showed very clearly that CBD alone is only effective in a very narrow dose range and lower or higher doses had little effect. Whereas a whole plant concentrate showed continuous ability to achieve greater and greater effectiveness as the dose increased.


So for those who can handle a bit of THC,
this is our most effective medicinal blend


This product WILL provide a moderate "high" effect.

Great for...

Anxiety, Muscle spasms, PTSD


This product is only available through Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.




CBD dosing method and formula for finding the correct dose




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