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If you've found this page, unfortunately it probably means that you or someone you love is suffering from Cancer.

While it may sound cold and heartless, the current medical establishment does not generally attempt to use Cannabis simply because they don't make money from it. Let's face it, the reality of our current medical system is that treating your health is a business and like all businesses, they have no motivation to help you do something that reduces their income.

Growing a plant in your back yard that can treat a multifude of ailments and diseases - including Cancer - is not something the "business" of medicine can afford to encourage.

But the tide is changing...

Someday Cannabis will once again be a normal part of every Doctor's toolkit.

Until then, you are on your own to find Cannabis infomation and products.

Our goal is to promote our own products, and also to provide a source for education and information
about Cannabis Medicine.



So the big question you're asking is....


Does Cannabis TREAT Cancer, or does it just help you feel better while you die?



For 20 years or so the underground rumors have been growing about how Cannabis fights and maybe even cures cancer.

The evidence has piled up to the point that it is now difficult to ignore.


Is there any truth to this,

and if so, how does it work?


Dennis Hill explains how Cannabis fights cancer. In this document Biochemist and cancer researcher Dennis Hill, explains in fairly simple language, exactly how Cannabis signals cancer cells to kill themselves off. If you only have time to read one thing, read this first.


More info from the same guy... Videos by Dennis Hill


Manuel Guzman - Potential Anti-Cancer Agents   This document goes into extreme depth and may only be suitable for those with a high degree of medical or scientific training…


If you make it past those first two documents you'll be hooked on this idea and ready for more,
but all the rest will only serve to confirm the information you see in those first two documents.

Lots more information to read here… http://www.naturesmeds.us/docs/


Cannabis works against Cancer in at least these six ways:

  1. It causes Aptosis, (cell death) by signaling the mitochondria to stop working in abnormal Cancer cells. This starves the cell and causes it to die. See how this works here.
  2. It blocks the Cancer cells from reproducing themselves.
  3. It blocks the Cancer's ability to re-direct the growth of blood vessels to feed the Cancer as it grows.
  4. The sedative effects of the oil help to induce a deep, restful sleep that is so important to general health and the immune system.
  5. It lowers stress and anxiety the patient may feel about having Cancer. The euphoric effects of Cannabis can also be very effective at elevating the mood of people suffering from depression and the thought of imminent death from Cancer is depressing for most people.
  6. It increases appetite which is often lowered by the Cancer or from the stress of having Cancer, or from Chemo.




Cannabis kills cancer



Why do we Incorporate Black Cumin Seed Oil?

Scientific name.... Nigella Sativa

This amazing oil has been in use as a folk medicine for roughly 3,000 years!

Nothing would survive that length of use unless it worked.

This plant has an extremely high ability to fight Cancer that has been shown over and over in modern laboratory tests.

Read more about the results of recent tests showing that Black Cumin Seed Oil (Blackseed) fights Cancers.




Our Current Cancer Dose Reccomendation...


We provide our CANCER BLEND in monthly stages.
Each Stage comes with a month's supply of syringes which are used
to place each dose as a suppository in the rectum or vagina.


Why use a Suppository method?

  1. This technique doubles the effectiveness (bioavailability) of the Cannabis.
  2. The level of "high" experienced by the patient is greatly reduced, which increases the likelihood of the patient sticking with the program through the full 90 days. With oral use, the "high" can be so debilitating that patinets tend to give up very early in the treatment program.


Bioavailability = the amount that actually ends up in your bloodstream. Taking Cannabis as a suppository bypasses the digestion processes in the stomach and liver, both of which break molecules and compounds apart and reduce their effectiveness. Delivering the medicine directly to the lower intesting allows for a much more complete absorption directly into the bloodstream.

Smoking = 25% Bioavailability
Oral Tincture = 35% Bioavailability
Rectal or Vaginal Suppository = 65% Bioavailability


( Read more about supository use techniques)


According to the Rick Simpson website, a full Cancer treatment consists of 60 grams of THC/CBD, taken over a period of 90 days. However, patient reports indicate that some Cancers take longer to die than others. We reccomend a thorough medical screening after the 3 month treatment to determine if the cancer is completely gone. If it is not gone but it shows signs of diminishing with this treatment, then treatment should be continued until the screening shows your body to be completely free of Cancer.


With a 3 month, 60 gram program in mind, we've created the following dosage program using a
combination of THC, CBD and Black Cumin Seed oil.


1st Month - 1:4  THC:CBD                  2 ml at bedtime, 1 ml in the morning

  • 45ml Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • 25ml Chia Seed Oil (Omega 3)
  • 10ml Bee Honey
  • 20 grams of Cannabis THC/CBD concentrate ............................................... $1000

2nd Month - 1:2  THC:CBD                  2 ml at bedtime, 1 ml in the morning

  • 45ml Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • 25ml Chia Seed Oil (Omega 3)
  • 10ml Bee Honey
  • 20 grams of Cannabis THC/CBD concentrate ................................................$1000

3rd Month - 1:1  THC:CBD                  2 ml at bedtime, 1 ml in the morning

  • 45ml Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • 25ml Chia Seed Oil (Omega 3)
  • 10ml Bee Honey
  • 20 grams of Cannabis THC/CBD concentrate ................................................$1000


   **  If necessary, repeat 3rd month until test results show complete remission

4th Month

Oral (or suppository),  1 ml (33 drops) daily of our CBD BLEND tincture ................$70 / month

5th Month (and onward)

Oral (or suppository),  .5 ml (16 drops) daily of our CBD BLEND tincture ...............$40 / month



We currently use a closed loop Butane extraction machine that allows us to distill the butane into a very pure form. We believe this is the safest and most efficient extraction method available. To remove the liquid Butane from the finished product, we add a small amount of grain alcohol before we warm and vacuum purge the concentrate.



( Read more details about supository use )



Our CANCER BLEND is available in Oregon Dispensaries, or directly at Natures Meds in Eugene.


Cancer cure success stories...

Sharon Kelly   Mike Cutler    Montana PBS   





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