We've created two versions of our potent CBD tincture. Both products blend the healing powers of Black Cumin seed oil, with Cannabis. Our other product is a CBD BLEND that is even more medicinal, but it does create a mild "high" effect which diminishes after 2 weeks of use.

Our Carrier oil brings very strong medicinal value of it's own.

Black Cumin Seed Oil has been used as a medicinal treatment for thousands of years.


This product creates no high.


Each milliliter contains...
0.24%THC       6.45%CBD
2.4mg THC      64.5mg CBD

This is the perfect CBD medication for children or adults that need the benefits of CBD without the "high" that normally accompanies Cannabis use.

64mg of CBD and only 2.4mg of THC in every milliliter.

You won't find this product at your local dispensary, we only sell this product direct from grower to patient.



Temporarily On HOLD

Due to changes in the federal legality of CBD products and our current application for a recreational Cannabis Producer's license, we are not selling this product or any other product until further notice.


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high CBD tinctures with trace amounts of THC, autism, Cancer, skin cancer, alzheimers, nerve injury




Other Ingredients.... Our tinctures use a carrier oil in addition to the CBD. Our carrier oils is not just filler. Black Cumin Seed oil is an active ingredient with valuable medicinal properties of its own that may be found to equal or exceed those of the Cannabis.

read more about Black Seed Oil here...



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Check out this FDA list of CBD scams...

Beware: Many companies use deceptive marketing about CBD content.
For example, they often use labels that say "500mg Cannabis Oil" or "Cannabis concentrate" or "Hemp Oil."
This oil could easily be a Cannabis seed oil which has ZERO medicinal value.

Make sure they list the actual CBD content in milligrams / bottle, or milligrams / milliliter.
That way you know exactly what you're getting.







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