Indica THC Tincture


Temporarily On HOLD

Due to changes in the federal legality of CBD products and our current application for a recreational Cannabis Producer's license, we are not selling this product or any other product until further notice.


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Indica THC Tinctures are perfect for pain releif, diminishing anxiety, increasing appetite and for relaxing after a hard day.

Our Indica THC Tincture can be taken orally or mixed with foods. This product is lab tested and found to be completely free of mold, Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides. Our CBD is extracted from non-GMO plants that are grown indoors in organically amended soilless medium. This product is NOT synthesized in a lab. The buds and trim leaves are washed in a closed loop Butane extractor which removes a very clean THC concentrate.


This product is EXTREMELY potent!

3-10 drops is a good dose for most people.

Currently available only in Oregon dispensaries



Other Ingredients.... Our tinctures use a carrier oil in addition to the CBD. Our carrier oils is not just filler. Black Cumin Seed oil is an active ingredient with valuable medicinal properties of its own that may be found to equal or exceed those of the Cannabis.

read more about Black Seed Oil here...


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