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Due to changes in the federal legality of CBD products and our current application for a recreational Cannabis Producer's license, we are not selling this product or any other product until further notice.


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Cannabis concentrate that is placed into the vagina for enhanced sexual experinece

Placing Cannabis inside the vagina is not something we invented.

Rumors of this process have curculated on the internet for 10 years or so with reports like this one....

”It’s a rad body high that’s a guaranteed aphrodisiac. It starts in your crotch,
warms your whole body, makes you want to have sex all day and night,
and lulls you to sleep hours later. Your orgasms are timeless,
constant, out of this world


Originally, these ladies placed raw hashish and pure THC concentrates into their vaginas,
then waited an hour or more for all the raw product to dissolve and absorb into the skin.

If you like the concept, but like us, you agree that the use of
raw product is not the way to go.... Cannagasm is the perfect option.

Cannagasm is a blend of medicinal and tansdermal carrier oils that opens your skin up and allows
the Cannabis to flow deep inside your body in a matter of minutes - because, lets be honest...
who wants to wait an hour for.... "timeless, constant, out of this world" orgasms?



Available through Oregon dispensaries or directly through Natures Meds in Eugene.

And yes, we do need more volunteers for testing so contact us to get your sample.


Take part in our survey after you've had a chance to experiment with Cannagasm.

The questions are extremely personal, but don't worry... the survey is completely confidential.

And... you can come back and edit your responses as you use the product more.


You can View the cumulative results of our Questionairre here.





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