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Just received my new meds from Naturesmeds.  I thought I'd try a few new menu items and I'm glad I did, short lived as they may be...  I sampled some Trifecta and some of the Headband, I also tried some of the hash.  The Trifecta is sweet with a very good taste and mellow high, the Headband comes on quick and strong but leaves me able to carry on with my day.  The Bubble Hash is fairly new to me but I like it.  Just a pinch in my pipe and I'm ready for bed.  Bubble hash seems to be a very pure way to medicate using just ice and water to process the plant down to its essential bits.  Naturesmeds continues to offer a menu that is diverse, products that are top notch and a service that is much needed.     



Very high quality meds, and probably the nicest driver you could ask for. I sent a text and received a call back within 20 minutes and delivery within 3 hours. He was very professional and courteous. Highly recommended!

PS. as a side note, I wanted to thank you for the info on my girls. I upped the PH and one of the smaller plants grew an inch overnight. I still have a lot to learn, but I am having so much fun doing it.



As an older woman not knowing resources in town, this was a wonderful experience.
Courteous, open honest . Menu is accurate. Will keep this number handy.








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